Congressman Morgan Griffith recently announced that Ian Rhudy, a senior from Tazewell High School, won the Congressional App Competition in Virginia’s Ninth Congressional District. “Congratulations to Ian Rhudy on winning first place,” said Congressman Griffith. “His app shows great talent and creativity…” 


Rhudy’s app is called Launch Log. He says that he created the app as a way to visualize atmospheric sensor data in an easy, convenient way as going through raw data can be difficult. “The app is targeted towards any individuals that use projectiles such as model rockets to take atmospheric data ranging from simple hobbyists to entire space agencies like NASA,” said Rhudy. 


Rhudy developed his app using Python which was also used to create other apps you might recognize such as Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Uber. Rhudy’s app features a home dashboard that displays the specific reports for projectile launches that users can view data for which are velocity, acceleration, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and altitude. Data is graphed so that users can see how changes are occurring between various launches. 

When  Mr. Jerry Smith, Tazewell High School’s principal, learned about Ian winning the Congressional App Competition he said, “Ian has a strong work ethic that will serve him well in the future. As a freshman at THS, he won first place in CodeVA’s Computer Science in Your Neighborhood competition. I hope to continue to watch Ian learn, achieve, and thrive!” 

Rhudy hopes that others will see how handy his app will be when they want to analyze how a projectile is moving or how the weather conditions change at different levels of the atmosphere. A demonstration of the app can be seen by clicking on the link HERE: Launch Log